Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is a lease-lot?  Is it like purchasing land?

A:  A lease-lot is a lot associated with 99-year lease.  This allows a qualified individual to purchase the right to build and live on a specific lot as if it were their own land.  Lease holders can build a home and other accessory structures, landscape, and use their lot the same way a regular homeowner does.  99-year leases can also be sold or purchased similarly to real property, and you are able to build equity with your investment.

Q:  How much are lease-lots going to cost?

A:  The cost of the lots will be based several factors, including the cost of constructing infrastructure for the neighborhood.  More information will be available by early summer 2021.

Q:  Who can purchase a 99-year lease and build a home in the Nixyáawii neighborhood?

A:  Anyone who meets these eligibility criteria and has financial readiness can purchase a lease and build a home.  The most eligibility criteria is that an individual is an enrolled CTUIR Tribal Member and over the age of 18.

Q:  What kind of house can I build on my lot in Nixyáawii?

A:  Homeowners have the flexibility to choose any type of home they wish to build if its placement is able to meet requirements of the Neighborhood Residential Zone in the CTUIR Land Development Code, and if its construction meets the CTUIR-adopted building codes.

Q:  Are there other expenses are associated with living in the Nixyáawii neighborhood?

A:  Yes. In order to provide services for the neighborhood such as maintaining the roads and park, each leaseholder in the neighborhood will be responsible for an annual Service Development Fee.  Additionally, residents of the Nixyáawii neighborhood have the right to form a Homeowners’ Association if they choose.

Q:  Can I buy more than one 99-year lease-lot?  Can I buy multiple lots next to each other to create a bigger lot?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  The CTUIR Land Leasing Code limits an eligible owner to only one (1) 99-year lease-lot at a time.  

Q:  If I purchase a 99-year lease-lot in Nixyáawii, do I need to build a house right away?

A:  No.  You have three (3) years from the date of lease signing to apply for permits to begin constructing your home. 

Q:   What are some other advantages to building in the Nixyáawii neighborhood? 

A:  In addition to being close to CTUIR Tribal services, as a CTUIR tribal member, you would be exempt from county property taxes for your home.  Additionally, if you live and work on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, you are exempt from Oregon State Income Tax. 

Q:  Is this the only neighborhood planned for development?  Will there be other opportunities?

A:  CTUIR is exploring other developments for the future that may have different lot sizes, price points, and other amenities.