The Nixyáawii Neighborhood

The Umatilla Indian Reservation is the homeland of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla Tribes. The new Nixyáawii neighborhood is an opportunity for CTUIR Tribal Members to build, live, and enjoy their own homes in their own community.  Nixyáawii will sit on approximately thirteen acres, and will be located southeast of the Nixyáawii Education Center and Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center.  Forty shovel-ready residential lots will be available, and will include:


  • 99-year leases for a choice of lots between 4,000 and 6,800 square feet
  • Flexibility for the homeowner to build and own a home that suits their needs
  •  Paved streets and sidewalks
  • A community park and walking trails
  • A safe, walkable design with close proximity to CTUIR events and services at the Nixyáawii Governance Center, Nixyáawii Community School, and the                 Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
  • Easy access to Kayak Public Transit
  • Parking access through alleyways behind each lot
  • Stubbed-out utility connections
  • Access to electricity through Pacific Power and fiber optic internet
  •  Space reserved for future neighborhood businesses and services


Lots are now available for lease!

Map updated 8/31/2022

lease consideration fee pricing

The CTUIR Board of Trustees approved pricing and fees for the residential 99-year Lease Agreements for the Nixyáawii Neighborhood with 
Resolution 21-083 on September 27, 2021.

How expensive are the leases?

99-year leases for lots within in the Nixyáawii Neighborhood
will be available for base Consideration Fee set at $2.50
per square foot of lot size.  


What is the ASDA Fee, and how much is it?

Each homeowner within the Nixyáawii Neighborhood will be responsible for a yearly ASDA Fee once their home construction is complete.  The Annual Subdivision Assessment Fee (ASDA Fee) will fund services such as road maintenance, snow removal, and maintenance of the park within the neighborhood.  This fee will be equal to $0.2320 per square foot of lot size per year.